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Breastfeeding station at home

Setting up for Breastfeeding Success

breastfeeding expecting first months with baby supporting Jul 07, 2022

Breastfeeding Success Checklist: 

Popins's Suggestions to ease a complex experience; because Natural ≠ Easy

Starting strong:

Before You Deliver

  • Have a great water bottle. Breastfeeding requires hydration and one-handed skill.
  • Buy 2 nursing bras & tops. 
    • Material against your skin should be comfortable. You should be able to access your breast easily with one hand (clip down cup or slide out).
    • Purchase additional clothing after you’ve established a routine and have a better sense of what you like/need. 
  • Buy a breast pump. If all goes smoothly it can sit in the box until after you’ve established breastfeeding, and if you need it sooner then you have it.

With your Partner: Discuss a feeding routine and plan to optimize it as you go. For example:

    • Baby wakes up, cries or gives hunger cues
    • Mom uses the bathroom while Partner checks/changes baby’s diaper
    • Mom settles in, takes a few deep breaths, takes baby and focuses on good latch while Partner fills water bottle and delivers to Mom

At HomeSet up a breastfeeding station with supplies within arms’ reach. Consider your home set-up and where you’ll be during the day v. night.

    • Spit-up rags/towels/muslin blankets 
    • Nipple cream
    • Nursing pads
    • Snacks
    • Water bottle
    • Small pump or way to catch extra milk + Container for extra milk

Take all the help you can get:

Breastfeeding isn’t always comfortable, but it Should Not be Painful! If you are in pain your first few days, and/or your baby is losing weight, get help quickly. Small adjustments early can make a huge difference in meeting your long-term breastfeeding goals. Consider checking out lactation support options before you deliver.

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