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Supporting Your Journey into Parenthood

Planning for Parental Leave?

Our Parental Leave Planning Milestones guide helps you proactively prepare for your maternity leave.

Warning Signs Guide

We hope for a Safe Delivery, Healthy Baby, and Smooth Recovery. 

 Download Popins Warning Signs guide for a quick reference of serious & sometimes life-threatening symptoms to watch for (so you can seek immediate medical help).

Traveling with your baby?   Hosting a newborn?

Feeding, Clothing, Play, Sleep, & Overall Expectations - baby's needs & schedule change frequently.  

Get Popins "Guide to Hosting a Baby" to review what parents need during a visit - so everyone can enjoy the time together!

Returning to Work?

Ease your transition back to work after baby with our "Preparing Your Return to Work" guide.

Resources for When You're Worried

Guide to Talking with your Doctor
Breastfeeding positions + holds
Breastfeeding tips + resources
Breastmilk Storage + Prep Guidelines
Finding a Private Space in Public
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Postpartum Support International - Hotline & Resources
National Maternal Mental Health Hotline
Baby Temp Techniques + Fever Guidelines
Safe Sleep Guidelines
Car Seat Safety