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Company Leader focused on supporting & retaining your team? 

Parental Leave is an opportunity.

Popins works with employers to highlight & clarify benefits for expecting & new parents. 

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Popins showcases your benefits for new parents.

Parental leave might not feel like a rare event as a company leader - but it certainly is as a human.

And it’s tough to be a working parent: 

Most babies don't allow for a decent night's sleep for 7 months or more.

1 in 2 moms worry breastfeeding will impact their career. 

 Many new parents consider career changes.

But at Popins, we see parental leave as an opportunity to improve the relationship with your employees.


1. Evaluate existing parental benefits & communication.

2. Make it easier for your expecting & new parents to understand what you offer.

3. Highlight opportunities to improve your parental benefits.


1. Save time across teams.

2. Avoid confusion with consistent communication.

3. Showcase the value of your benefits for prospective & current employees.

New parents can leverage existing benefits like HSAs, Dependent Care accounts, and Professional Development Funds to set the stage for a healthy return to work - if they have the right information at the right time.

Let's talk about working together to uplevel the support your expecting & new parents experience;

making it more likely they stay in your workforce.

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You provide benefits.

We help your new & soon-to-be parents use them to their benefit. 

Popins supports busy expecting professionals on

the journey into parenthood - at work & at home. 

Did you know?

Despite medical recommendations & benefits, 60% of US women don't meet their breastfeeding goals. 

1 in 5 women (and 1 in 10 men) suffer from a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder. 

Up to 75% impacted never receive treatment, costing an estimated $14.2 billion each year

 We support pre-baby prep through the first months back-at-work with:

On Demand Materials, Concierge Service, & Connection Sessions

Our holistic approach focuses on 3 critical areas to help families succeed:

Work, Family, Community

How it Works
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What Popins Parents Say

Jillana P

Operations Manager

"My own stuff always falls to the bottom of my list; the Popins weekly reminders, templates and examples have been great to keep my maternity leave preparation progressing. 

Most others I’ve worked with are not as structured in their leave planning and that impacts the people covering their work."

Jessica Z

HR Leader

"It was nice to have an external person checking in, to separate the support from my boss, and made me feel good that [my company] invested in me to have a good experience."

Andi O

Customer Success & Technical Services

"Jackie made it easier to get the support I need. A big blocker for me has been prioritizing the research; lining up my postnatal support wouldn’t have made it to the top of the list with everything else going on before this baby arrives." 


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