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Birth Plans & Experiences: Understanding Labor Interventions

Join our free Q&A session to hear birth stories, learn about common labor interventions, & ask your questions.

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Separating your identities is hard.


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Anxious about your leave? 

Popins Professional Parent Series eases the transitions out and back into your workplace.

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First newborn in the family? 

Popins Grandma Camp prepares family & friends to support your family when the new baby arrives. 

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Unsure what you'll need? 

Popins Community Connection aligns your Baby Registry with your parenting goals.

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Miriam, Implementation Executive

Expecting 2nd Baby

I’m still pregnant, but I have to say after following the plans and things in your course I have successfully transitioned everything.

I’m bored at work for the first time in years.

Joan, Retired

Expecting 1st Granddaughter

Grandma Camp is a great tool and refresher for expecting grandparents. It was very helpful to get the perspective of the new parent.

Andi, IT Professional

Expecting 2nd Baby

Jackie made it easier to get the support I need. A big blocker for me has been prioritizing the research; lining up my postnatal support wouldn’t have made it to the top of the list with everything else going on before this baby arrives.