Professional Parent Series

 Career focused moms.
Partners who want to be Present.
Working parents bringing a baby into the world for the first time.
Parents wanting to do family leave differently this time.
New parents hoping to ease the transition back into the working world.


You've Come to the Right Place. Welcome.

You feel what you feel, and those feelings are real. 

Extended time away from your job to have a baby, physically recover, and focus on becoming a new version of your family brings on big feelings.

Along with excited anticipation, many expecting parents worry - about how work will be covered, how colleagues will perceive their leave, or how they’ll ever catch up. 

Our 3 Part Series is Here to Help

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Part 1: Preparing for Your Family Leave 

Goal: Feel bored at work before baby arrives (because you've got it all covered), allowing you to confidently focus on your family during your leave.

We'll guide you along an intentional path to successfully transition your work over the 8-10 weeks before your expected due date. 

Part 2: Preparing to Go Back to Work

Goal: feel calm + organized (about work + your family) as you transition back into work. 

We'll help you prepare at home (for yourself + as a parent team) over the 2-3 weeks before you return to work. 

Part 3: Back at Work Check-In

Goal: do a reality check + optimize.

We'll address top challenges from the first weeks back, and strategize ways to improve tricky areas across home + work. 

jackie holding newborn

Take a Breath. 

With intentional preparation + communication, you can confidently focus on your family during your family leave + navigate a balanced return to work that works for you, your family, and your employer.


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