Coming Summer 2022!

Has it been a minute since you've been around a newborn? 

First time Grandmas, Papas, Aunties, Uncles, or Close Friends who want to help support new parents when the new baby arrives.

Expecting Partners who want to clear up the unknown and set their first few weeks with baby up for success.

You've Come to the Right Place. Welcome to Grandma Camp.

Aligning Expectations

Guidance to get on the same page with the soon-to-be parents before the baby arrives. 

Birth Mama Recovery

An overview of the Birth Mama's postnatal recovery, so you can help monitor mama's healthy recovery.

Baby Care Overview

An overview of current baby care recommendations and safety tips, so you can be an extra safety net.

Contact us to be an early camper.

If you're planning on a baby joining your tribe July-September 2022 and want to know if Grandma Camp could help you prepare, submit your contact info and we'll reach out with more details.